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You’ve made the smart decision to invest in Pinflux. Congratulations! You’re all set to get more buyer traffic and more visibility with this Pinterest automation System.

If you have a business that’s beyond the amateur level though, you’ll need more power. If you’ve got multiple Pinterest accounts, and you want to market through all of them actively then you need the pro upgrade that automates and boosts your Pinterest Marketing efforts for a business that you would love to create!

1. Unlimited Boards & Accounts

Pinterest Pro lets you add unlimited number of Pinterest accounts and boards, so you can create a solid business presence on Pinterest.

2. 100% Automation

Automate all the features of Pinflux. No need to do anything manually. Follow/Unfollow, Pin/Repin, Pinterest does it all without you doing anything.

Pinflux Pro schedules pins and actions across unlimited number of boards, so you can tap into that 93% of the buyer traffic that goes to Pinterest!

3. Multiple License + VPS License

Your business demands fast and productive pinning and repining for your multiple Pinterest accounts. Run Pinterest Pro on multiple computers or even a VPS with this extended license.

4. Gives You 100% Control

Automation is great! But Pinflux also allows you 100% control by supporting manual pining, repining, follow and unfollow, so you get all the power to leverage Pinflux the way you want it to work it out for you!

5. Get a ready website to sell your Services

Let’s take the hard work out of selling your bright new Pinterest marketing service. We’ll give you a ready-made sales site with copy written by a writer who has done multi-million dollars in sales revenue. Just plug in your Paypal, or any other payment button you want, and you’re ready to monetize.

6. 2 Years Free Upgrade

Pinterest changes its API all the time, and we are always extending our software. Future proof yourself and avoid having to spend more money later with 2 years of free upgrade.

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